Empowering VETERANS with Reintegration through the Arts and Activity

Project9line's mission is to support all Veterans including but not limited to those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by providing venues for them to communicate their experiences and express themselves. We offer Veteran networking, programs, workshops and opportunities for all Military and Veterans to tell their story through the Arts and Activities.   

There is not enough done to help our Veterans. Statistics show that twenty two Veterans decide to take their own life every day. At Project9line, our goal is to make an impact on this alarming fact. Many of our Veterans return home from performing the ultimate duty of serving our country only to face hardship, depression, and substance abuse.

Project9line encourages all Veterans to be the best they can be. Through our extensive resources and hands on team, we want to maximize the potential of each and every Veteran.

Project9line strives to help Veterans create, reach, and surpass goals in order to form their own American Dream.

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Project9line has three pillars – Outreach, Communication and Purpose.  We provide outlets for Veterans and their families to communicate and find purpose through our FREE programs.  These programs help to bridge the gap between civilians and Veterans by creating a community where we all come together for the same purpose.  We offer many different programs including Art, Music, Athletic and Wellness workshops.  

We also host events where Veterans can share their stories through their chosen medium with the community.  Participating in our programs and events has had an impact on many Long Island Veterans and our “outside the box” techniques have proven to be lifesaving for many.  Join us at your earliest convenience for any of our offerings and come see what we are all about.  The camaraderie that is shared, the outreach to others and the confidence that is built is empowering to all that are involved..

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