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Empowering VETERANS with Reintegration through the Arts and Activity

At Project9line, our focus is to bridge the communication gap between Veterans and civilians. Through Outreach, Communication, and Purpose we enable veterans to express themselves uniquely through forms of art. 

There is not enough done to help our Veterans. Statistics show that twenty two Veterans decide to take their own life every day. At Project9line, our goal is to make an impact on this alarming fact. Many of our Veterans return home from performing the ultimate duty of serving our country only to face hardship, depression, and substance abuse. Project9line encourages all Veterans to be the best they can be. Through our extensive resources and hands on team, we want to maximize the potential of each and every Veteran. Project9line strives to help Veterans create, reach, and surpass goals in order to form their own American Dream.

The name Project9line is derived from a very important U.S. Military protocol known as “9 line MEDVAC.” It is a procedure that has saved the lives of countless soldiers on the battlefield. The 9 Line MEDVAC guides call for help when there is a casualty on the battlefield. When placing a call, a soldier on the field must provide the 9 most important facts about the scenario so the most effective help can be sent. The process is uniform across all branches of service to ensure ease of communication. For many Veterans, a war within begins as soon as they arrive home. At Project9line we believe these Veterans need a 9 Line on the home front as well.

I am a recently discharged combat Veteran. I served with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team “STRIKE” 101st Airborne Division. I was very lucky to end up in the unit I did. My duties varied throughout my service, but I guess the most important thing I did was that I was my Colonel’s assistant in combat. I wore many hats under this job description. I had the honor of meeting General Patreus. We were deployed to Kandahar province Afghanistan during the bloodiest year on record for this conflict 2010-2011.

I got my college degree in 2004, I was a father, a husband, a homeowner, a small business owner, and had fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a stockbroker, but I still felt empty. So I followed in my Father’s footsteps and I joined the Army. I really wanted to play my part in protecting our freedom. When I returned home I realized how hard it was to readjust. All I could think of is how the other Veterans were dealing with reintegration. I started Project9line to help the Veterans become civilians again.

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